Anesthesiology News Presents The Etherist

The Etherist—Season 3 Trailer: Ether Day Revisited

Episode Notes

In this new season of “Anesthesiology News presents The Etherist,” we celebrate the 175th anniversary of the original Ether Day by looking back at the origin of anesthesiology as a modern medical specialty.

We will revisit those early days of discovery and innovation and the people who made it all possible, but we won’t stop with the history of anesthesia. This season we will also dive into the emergence of new research that has revealed the basic effects of how anesthetic drugs work in the first place.

Join us on this journey into the past as we uncover what those early pioneers of anesthesia knew and didn’t know as they made one of the most significant medical discoveries in history.

This new season of The Etherist will be available on Oct. 16, the 175th anniversary of Ether Day.

Sponsored by Masimo and Medtronic.

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