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‘Ask the Experts’: William Rosenblatt, MD

Episode Notes

In this episode of “Ask the Experts,” William Rosenblatt, MD, joins us to discuss the “Airway on Demand” video series and answer a few questions about some unique airway management moments he has caught on camera.

Rosenblatt is a professor of anesthesiology at Yale New Haven Hospital and the Yale School of Medicine, in Connecticut. He is the president of “Airway on Demand” and a past president of the Society for Airway Management.

“Ask the Experts” is a conversation podcast series from the “Anesthesiology News Presents” channel. It features up-close and personal Q&A interviews with leading experts in the field of anesthesiology on topics such as difficult airways and women in medicine. This is the first episode of the series, and new episodes will be published every month. 


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